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Get Your O-Shot Treatment For Increased Sexual Desire At Dr. V. Medical Aesthetics

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The O-Shot: A New Way To Address Women's Sexual Dysfunction

For many women, sexual dysfunction is a very real and serious issue that can drastically reduce sexual response, make sexual desire difficult, and can make sexual pleasure almost impossible to reach. Whether it's caused by a genetic condition, psychological factors, or other causes, it can be challenging to have a normal sexual function, or even experience adequate sexual satisfaction.

Dr. V Medical Aesthetics looks to solve this problem by using the O-shot procedure (or orgasm shot) for our female patients. By using the restorative capabilities of PRP therapy and applying it to the vaginal area, a patient can experience heightened levels of sexual pleasure and bring new life into their sexual experiences.

By getting your O-shot today, you can experience the very best in what platelet-rich plasma therapies have to offer. No longer do you need to worry about vaginal dryness or painful intercourse - our trained experts can help you overcome all the challenges from female sexual dysfunction.

What Is The O Shot Treatment?

The O-shot treatment is an injection that aims to help a female patient get greater arousal from sexual intercourse, and treat the symptoms of female sexual function in general. As a new treatment, the effects are not very well studied, but initial treatments (as well as the science it's based on) have been a mainstay of medicine for years.

The O-shot works by building on the benefits of platelet-rich plasma (or PRP) treatment, which uses the body's own supply of platelets to heal itself. Primarily used in sports medicine, more aesthetic and medical applications have been experimenting with its use.

Platelets are one of the essential components that help the body heal from injuries. Normally, their restorative properties are only activated when you suffer a severe injury, and then they rush to the site to make a blood clot and speed up the healing process.

But by extracting pure PRP from your blood and injecting it into your clitoris, labia, and other areas around your vagina, the O-shot aims to use the regenerative power of PRP to improve your sexual function.

Get Your O-Shot Treatment For Increased Sexual Desire At Dr. V. Medical Aesthetics

How Does The O-Shot Help With Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Getting the O-shot has several benefits that a female patient can enjoy:

  • Increased clitoral stimulation - as the PRP restores nerve signals and reinvigorates the cells around the clitoris, you're more likely to find clitoral stimulation pleasurable
  • A better vaginal orgasm - with the heightened sensitivity, your orgasm will feel more intense and last longer, as well as decreased pain during sexual activity
  • Better vaginal lubrication - with your heightened libido and increased sensitivity, you can easily experience greater arousal and better sex with increased natural lubrication
  • Healthier vaginal tissue - since PRP regrows and reinvigorates the body's cells, your vaginal wall and tissue will be healthier and more resilient against wear and tear

Overall, getting the O-shot can improve your sexual experience (and your body's reaction to it) by increasing blood flow to your vaginal area and making you more sensitive to sexual contact.

The important thing about getting an O-shot is to ensure that you get it from a practicing doctor or medical spa that's been certified to administer PRP treatments. This ensures the quality of your treatment and allows you access to better care if you ever develop any side effects.

O-shot For Female Urinary Incontinence: Does It Work?

The O-shot's benefits aren't just limited to vaginal rejuvenation: preliminary evidence suggests that it can be used to address urinary incontinence and an overactive bladder for women.

By promoting cell regrowth and rejuvenation, collagen production, and better vaginal health, getting the O-shot may possibly help women who experience stress urinary incontinence. A decreased urinary incontinence can significantly improve their quality of life, aside from also making sex more enjoyable.

However, the o-shot should not be relied upon as the sole method to treat urinary stress incontinence. If you experience extensive urinary leakage, it's better to get yourself a more direct and effective method to manage the symptoms.

Get Your O-Shot Treatment For Increased Sexual Desire At Dr. V. Medical Aesthetics

FAQs About The O-Shot

Q: Are there any side effects from getting the O-shot?

A: So far, preliminary treatments have shown no long-term and significant side effects associated with getting the O-shot. Any side effects are mild and usually resolve on their own with bed rest, though you should consult your doctor if your symptoms are severe.

Q: How long do I need to recover from the O-shot?

A: Post-procedure downtime from the O-shot is no different from other injections. You may experience some numbness or sensitivity around your vagina for a day or two, but this isn’t too debilitating and not a lot of patients experience it.

Q: How long does it take before it works?

A: Most patients report feeling their results within a week after the injection, though this is highly subjective on the patient. Overall, the most common window for improvement is around 2 to 3 months.

Reinvigorate Your Sexual Desire With Dr. V Medical Aesthetics

At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, we strongly believe that sexual pleasure and sexual health are essential for an individual’s quality of life. That's why we've invested the required time and effort into increasing the sexual satisfaction of our female patients, ensuring that your sexual intercourse and sexual activity are the best that they can be.

You can contact any of our wellness and fitness experts here at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics if you want to learn more about how our o shot procedure or PRP injection can improve your sexual health. Call us today to set up your appointment.



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Get Your O-Shot Treatment For Increased Sexual Desire At Dr. V. Medical Aesthetics


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