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High-Quality Belotero Fillers by Dr. V Medical Aesthetics

Erase Superficial Lines and Other Signs of Aging without Plastic Surgery


Dr. V Medical Aesthetics: The Best Center for Belotero Filler Treatments

While dermal fillers like Belotero are safe for most people, it’s still important to get the treatment done by a trained professional inside a safe facility. At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Patel and her team of aestheticians and nurse practitioners have the right knowledge, tools, and experience to perform each Belotero HA filler treatment safely and effectively.

Get the best anti-aging results for your skin with Belotero treatments at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics today. Our dedicated staff ensures to provide each patient with excellent customer service to give them the ultimate med spa experience the moment they walk into the clinic. Learn more about our Belotero treatments today by consulting with our experts.

Restore Your Youthful Appearance with Belotero Fillers

Wrinkles and fine lines appear on a person’s face as they age. These are a result of the continuously declining levels of collagen and elastin – the two most important proteins produced by the body that keep the skin firm, smooth, even, and healthy.

While there are surgical procedures like facelifts that help restore smoothness and tightness on the skin, many patients prefer the convenience and results of dermal fillers, such as Belotero. Belotero is one of the most popular types of dermal fillers requested at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics. We use these facial fillers for erasing different signs of aging and restoring lost facial volume.

During the procedure, the Belotero dermal filler is injected into the treatment area where it immediately provides plumping effects. This hyaluronic acid filler also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin on the skin for long-lasting results.

Since injectable filler treatments don’t require surgery, they’re recommended for almost anyone who wants to revitalize their appearance. Consult with our team of trained and professional providers to find out how a Belotero treatment may help with your facial rejuvenation and anti-aging efforts.

Erase Superficial Lines and Other Signs of Aging without Plastic Surgery

What Are Belotero Fillers?

Belotero is the latest brand of fillers to help thousands of patients achieve their desired beauty. Made with hyaluronic acid, Belotero provides that natural look by smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines by plumping the hollow areas of the skin and boosting the body’s collagen production. Here are some of the best ways Belotero fillers are used at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics:

  • Non-Surgical Face Contouring – Aside from erasing facial wrinkles and fine lines, dermal fillers like Belotero revive the patient’s aging appearance by improving the facial contours according to their preference. Some of the best injection sites for Belotero include frown lines, nasolabial fold (where marionette lines and smile lines form), chin, jawline, cheeks, and around the eyes.
  • Lip Enhancement – Belotero lip filler is also used for non-surgical lip augmentation procedures because of its excellent ability to restore lip volume and retain the moisture there. At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, we inject Belotero around the mouth to eliminate vertical lip lines and perioral lines (also called “lip lines”). This provides better lip enhancement results that improve the patient’s overall appearance.
  • Tear Through Fillers – The area between the upper cheek and the lower eyelid often creases and casts a dark shadow below the eye, which makes a person look tired and old. Since this injection site is extremely sensitive, the provider must use the right technique to apply Belotero filler for a safe and effective tear trough treatment.
  • Non-Surgical Nose Job – Belotero may also be used to correct the small bumps on the nose. It’s also applied on certain injection sites around the nose to make it look smaller and straighter. Learn more about how we can help you improve the nose shape without the need for rhinoplasty at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics.

Benefits of Belotero Fillers

Visible but Natural-Looking Results – Patients usually notice slight but immediate improvement on the treatment site after their Belotero treatment at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics. These results eventually improve as the gel starts settling under the skin. The fillers also boost the body’s collagen production, so patients may enjoy a younger-looking appearance for longer.

Erase Superficial Lines and Other Signs of Aging without Plastic Surgery

  • Minimal Downtime – Since a Belotero injection is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, patients don’t need to take a few days off their work or regular schedule to wait for the treated areas to heal. Some of them even return to work on the same day as their Belotero treatment at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics.
  • Works for All Skin Types – Unlike laser treatments that don’t work well on certain skin types, hyaluronic filler treatments are safe for all skin tones and types. At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, we make sure to consider the patient’s needs and expectations for every Belotero dermal filler procedure inside our state-of-the-art facilities.

Erase Superficial Lines and Other Signs of Aging without Plastic Surgery

FAQs About Belotero Dermal Fillers

Q: What’s the difference between Belotero and other dermal fillers?

A: Although facial filler brands like Restylane and Juvederm also work for eliminating mild to severe wrinkles and fine lines, they use a different formulation from Belotero which makes them a better option for some treatment areas. However, the Belotero product comes in different formulations and consistencies which makes it a versatile injectable dermal filler.

Q: Is Belotero the same as Botox?

A: Belotero uses hyaluronic acid to restore facial volume and smooth wrinkles on the face. On the other hand, Botox uses small doses of neurotoxin to relax the overused muscles that cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Q: Is the Belotero treatment painful?

A: Patients only experience minimal pain during their treatment because most Belotero products contain small amounts of lidocaine, a type of anesthesia that helps reduce the pain felt by the patient at the treatment site.

Q: How long do Belotero filler results last?

A: Each Belotero Balance dermal filler treatment takes about 10 to 30 minutes inside a doctor’s office depending on the treatment site. Patients may experience immediate results after the session, but the effects only last for about 6 months before the injectable is absorbed by the body. Patients are often encouraged to return for maintenance treatments every few months if they enjoy the results of the treatment.

Experience the Best Belotero Treatment at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics Today

Dr. V Medical Aesthetics is a trusted med spa for cosmetic treatments for the skin and body. Our highly trained staff has years of experience in providing Belotero treatments inside state-of-the-art facilities to ensure patient comfort, safety, and relaxation at all times.

Restore your confidence in a healthier, more beautiful you with Belotero filler treatment at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics. Call us now to book an appointment with one of the best providers in the state.

Erase Superficial Lines and Other Signs of Aging without Plastic Surgery


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