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Why Should You Choose PDO Thread Lifts for Your Thighs?

As we age, our legs and thighs can get more flabby as our skin tissue loosens as well. While lower body exercises can alleviate thigh fat, it doesn’t address the resultant sagging skin on the thighs. Plastic surgery was the top choice for a more convenient treatment method for a thigh lift until the recent popularity of non-invasive techniques. Among the safest and most effective of these non-invasive cosmetic procedures is the PDO thread lift.

So why is a PDO thread lift an ideal choice for correcting your thighs? PDO thread lifting is a method that uses dissolvable surgical sutures to trigger the production of new collagen fibers, increasing the volume and plumpness of the skin, and tightening the skin to fade signs of aging such as skin laxity, wrinkles, and nasolabial folds or “smile lines”.

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Why PDO Thread Lifts are Best for Rejuvenating Your Thighs

A PDO thread lift treatment is a recent development in cosmetic non-invasive practices that principally helps in skin lift and skin rejuvenation. PDO thread lift procedures are mostly applied as facelift treatments for correcting signs of aging in the neck and facial skin. Aside from this, however, a PDO thread lift is also proven to be effective in body sculpting and treating areas where excess skin and fat can accumulate such as the upper arm, legs, and thighs.

Our thighs are prone to sags, wrinkles, and stretch marks as a result of the accumulation of cellulite. This buildup is commonly caused by aging, weight loss, and genetics. PDO thread lift works by promoting collagen stimulation to stretch loose skin and repair sagging tissue. While there are surgical procedures targeting the correction of the thigh area, PDO thread lift is becoming increasingly more popular because of the following reasons:

1. They’re Proven To Be Safe

A PDO thread lift treatment is an FDA-approved procedure for cosmetic surgery. As proven by a 2019 study, PDO thread lift poses low chances of post-procedure complications. The polydioxanone threads injected underneath the dermis from a hypodermic needle will eventually become absorbed as it triggers collagen production for your thigh’s skin texture correction.

Complications such as skin irritation in the treatment area, bruising, swelling, and thread protrusion would sometimes happen in rarer cases. If these side effects don’t subside after around 3 days, correction on the part of the surgeon is most of the time, convenient and quick. In general, a speedy recovery can be expected from PDO thread lifts.

2. They’re Non-Invasive

PDO thread lift for the thighs is also called “lunchtime thigh lift” because it can be done in less than an hour - during lunchtime. Thigh PDO thread lifts don’t involve any surgical procedure. The worst part is over after the almost painless insertion of the needed PDO suture. Unlike the traditional thigh lift, you need not go “under the knife” for this treatment.

3. They’re Cheaper

A surgical thigh treatment is far more expensive than non-invasive thread lifting. While surgical procedures promise more permanent results than thread lifts, suffice it to say that thread lifts are more accessible and are easier to maintain.

Thread lift pricing generally ranges from $700 to $3,000. Its cost varies depending on the type and brand of threads used as fitting your thigh’s specific skin anatomy and present physical condition. For instance, barbed threads cost more than smooth threads. Certain brands such as APTOS which specifically targets inner thigh correction and uses polylactic threads might also have different price ranges.

4. They Pose a Minimal Risk of Scarring

The PDO thread lift procedure only involves a small puncture of the skin for thread insertion and doesn’t use incisions. Because of this, there’s little to no risk of scarring in the treated area. Should there be scarring, the collagen production induced by the PDO threads can easily repair and fade the scar.

5. They Yield Quick and Effective Results

Most of the time, patients undergoing PDO thread lifts report feeling the results as soon as the procedure concludes. For your thighs, you can witness the peak quality of these results from around 1 to 3 months after coping with post-treatment recovery discomforts.

Who Can Be Good Candidates for PDO Thread Lifts?

PDO thread lifts are efficient in skin repair and rejuvenation, but the quality and duration of the results of the procedure, as well as the presence of risks and complications, are influenced by factors that determine patients’ qualifications for undergoing the treatment. Thus, the best candidates for PDO thread lifts for the thighs are:

  • Patients aged 30 to 65
  • People with mild or moderate skin sagging
  • Patients with lightness and heaviness of skin
  • Patients who have not previously undergone body lift surgeries (i.e., traditional facelift)
  • Patients without cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure

In What Other Areas Can PDO Thread Lifts Be Applied?

a woman had PDO Thread Lift procedure on her eyebrow

1. Neck

Aside from correcting thigh skin, PDO sutures can also be used for a neck lift. Depending on one’s age, diet, and genetics, the accumulation of excess submental fat under the chin in the upper neck can lead to double chin and jowl lines. To remedy this, thread lifts have also become ideal for fat reduction and neck skin tightening. A neck thread lift can also be combined with other procedures such as dermal fillers to maximize the benefits of non-invasive neck treatments.

2. Face

The most common use for PDO threads would be for a facial thread lift to combat signs of skin aging in the facial region. PDO threads are usually inserted along drawn vectors in the cheeks, around the nose, and beside the lips for facial skin rejuvenation and tightening.

These facial PDO threads stimulate collagen production and mechanical action to correct wrinkles, fade nasolabial folds, and sharpen the nose bridge. The collagen-stimulating abilities of the treatment also help in treating acne scars. This also activates hair follicles and triggers hair restoration.

3. Body

PDO thread lifts can also be used in lifting the skin in the abdomen, upper arms, breasts, and buttocks. These parts which are normally treated using surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, laser treatment, and tummy tuck can be treated through PDO threads in a non-invasive procedure, yielding virtually the same results as their surgically invasive counterparts.

Contact Dr. V Aesthetics for Long-Term and Trustworthy PDO Thread Lift Results

middle-aged woman undergo PDO Thread Lift proedure at Dr. V Medical Aesthetic beauty clinic

PDO thread lifting is a versatile cosmetic skin treatment procedure that can be used for correcting signs of aging and fat accumulation in various parts of the body. Here at Dr. V Aesthetics, our esteemed surgical practitioners can provide you with the best non-invasive thread lift, facelift, and dermal filler treatments that perfectly suit your body contouring and skin lift needs.

Dr. V Aesthetics is one of the most trusted clinics in Pensacola, Florida for every medical cosmetic need. Our cosmetic services such as PDO thread lift thighs, necklines, nose bridges, skin laxity, and facial wrinkles with care and expert touch. If you’re interested in our services, reach us through our contact details.


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