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How Many Units of Botox Do You Need for Marionette Lines?

Using Botox treatments are some of the best ways to help manage the signs of aging like marionette lines, especially if the right muscle groups are targeted in the treatment. However, it's important to use the right number of units to avoid excessive muscle weakness or other adverse effects - which is always a risk given the skin in the treated area.

So how many units of Botox should a patient get for marionette lines? Most providers and doctors will always recommend a lower dosage to avoid any complications, with most averages around 8 to 10 units. Your injector will have the final call about the units needed for your marionette lines, the average Botox treatment uses less than 10 units because of the shallower layer of skin around the mouth.

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Why Is It Important To Limit Botox Units?

The average of 8 to 10 units of Botox doesn't really hold true for everyone's treatment goals: the actual treatment will usually be something different. However, because Botox treatment options can vary dramatically depending on injection sites, having an average to refer to when it comes to unit dose is extremely important.

Here are some of the reasons why Botox treatments for marionette lines don't use too many units:

To Avoid Botox Overdose

The most pressing concern of using a product like Botox for cosmetic injections is the risk of applying too much of it in a single injection. Facial injections of Botox can definitely help improve your facial appearance, but it's also important to note that too much of it can cause a variety of mild to moderate side effects which can be difficult to recover from.

In the most serious of cases, a patient can develop botulism, where the toxin used in your Botox treatment attacks the nerves in your body directly. This can lead to a host of serious complications that can result in prolonged muscle paralysis, difficulty breathing, and even death. Cosmetic injectors must always be aware of this risk, which is why the skill and experience of the injector are such crucial parts of making sure your treatment goes successfully.

To Prevent Muscle Weakness

Too much Botox too early can also "condition" your muscles to become weaker and flatter, which can contribute to the formation of even more wrinkles and fine lines on your face. The ideal use of Botox is simply to block the neurotransmitters in your muscles from firing, with additional treatments over time to ensure that the muscle group stays relaxed. But if too much Botox is used, this can cause long-term muscle paralysis and weakness, which can be difficult to treat.

This is another potential risk if you get Botox treatments from an inexperienced injector. Fortunately, most skincare specialists and other Botox providers are experienced enough to make sure that this side effect doesn't happen to you.

To Lower Costs

Botox treatments are priced per unit - which means the more units used in your treatment, the higher your bill will be. While this may sound like a win for your provider, you should remember that they also need to pay costs for acquiring the Botox used in your injections. This ultimately impacts their bottom line, which means they also end up paying more in the long run.

This gives providers and patients alike a strong incentive to only use as many units needed for their Botox treatments and no more. Even a couple of units of additional Botox can add up over time, so it's important to limit the total amount of units spent per treatment session to get the most out of your money.

To Limit Risks To Surrounding Muscles

Even in smaller doses, Botox is an incredibly potent product that can easily spread to surrounding muscles if you aren't careful. Because of the complex group of muscles around the lower third of your face, providers will generally be careful about injecting Botox for marionette lines.

Botox migration is far from a serious complication, but it can cause a significant impact on your quality of life. Fortunately, this side effect rarely happens if you get your treatment done at the office of a skilled and experienced provider, though it's still something that you should watch out for.

Why Finding The Right Provider is Key for Successful Treatment

The best thing to do if you're looking to avoid most if not all of the possible adverse events and reactions from your Botox treatment is to simply find an experienced provider to administer your injections. Plastic surgeons, medical spa specialists, and registered nurses are all professionals that can administer your Botox treatments.

Here are more reasons why finding the right provider is crucial:


Many of the side effects we've discussed earlier are uncommon or rare, and they're usually caused because of improper injection of the Botox treatment and not the Botox treatment itself. A skilled and experienced injector can ensure that your injections are done in relative comfort and safety, without having to compromise on the efficacy of your results.

And in the rare case that you do actually experience any adverse effects from your Botox treatments, a skilled and experienced provider can give you the support that you need to deal with these complications accordingly. Even milder side effects are easier to manage under the supervision of a skilled and experienced Botox provider.


Botox treatments are not a permanent solution to the appearance of wrinkles, so you'll need to follow up treatments every few months to make sure that your results last. A skilled and experienced provider can easily keep track of your progress through your Botox treatments, and adjust your unit dose accordingly as you get older.

This is especially crucial if you're going through treatments like preventative Botox, which relies on the early application of Botox treatments to reduce the likelihood of wrinkles appearing. A skilled and experienced provider will be able to use your Botox injections to their best effect since they already have some frame of reference from your previous injections.

Personalized Treatment

While Botox is a general-use injectable, one particular challenge that can make it difficult to administer is the different facial anatomies between patients. This means that your provider should understand how your facial muscles all fit together so that they can inject the right amount of Botox in the right area.

Personalized treatment not only prevents you from experiencing more serious adverse reactions or side effects from your treatment but also increases the efficacy of your results. A skilled and experienced Botox injector will be able to use the limited amount of units allowed for treatment for the best possible outcome for you.

Dermal Fillers and Botox Injections for Wrinkle Treatments at Dr. V Medical Aesthetics

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Botox is one of the most effective solutions against the development of marionette lines and other signs of aging, but it requires a skilled and experienced injector to know the exact amount of units for your cosmetic treatment. Always follow their recommendation and listen to the advice during your consultation, and you'll be on your way to giving your skin its youthful appearance back.

At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, we have extensive experience with using cosmetic injectables like botulinum toxin to treat facial wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, and other signs of aging with regular treatments. We can also offer other options like dermal filler injections to further fill in facial lines and deep folds, or other types of botulinum toxin treatments like Dysport for issues like glabellar lines and frown lines. Book a consultation with us today.


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