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What are The Best PDO Threads Aftercare Practices?

PDO thread lifts are among the most popular cosmetic procedures today. The lasting effect of the lift helps patients feel younger—removing wrinkles and other lines that may impact your appearance. Thanks to the minimally invasive process, the recovery time after a single session is much lesser than that of facelift surgery.

So what kind of practices should you do after getting a thread lift? It helps to apply a cold compress, elevate the head, and get enough rest. The recovery period will improve further if you refrain from sleeping on your side, putting on makeup, and touching the area for weeks after the procedure.

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3 Things to Do After a PDO Thread Lift

Thread lifts are minimally invasive, and potential side effects resolve within a few days. Most people can return to their daily lifestyle in a week or 2. However, there will be some tiredness and fatigue hours after treatment. To help get through this, you can do a few things to encourage healing.

1. Use a Cold Compress to Relieve Swelling

One of the first things you can do to relieve swelling is to apply a cold compress. A cold compress for 30 minutes will help bring down the inflammation in the sutured area. Feel free to repeat this throughout the first few days, as needed. The cold temperature effectively lessens the pain and swelling since the blood vessels tighten and decrease circulation.

Bear in mind that the cold compress must have a secure covering. Putting ice directly on the skin may cause burns and other injuries, especially in areas on or near a suture.

2. Elevate Your Head

Elevating the affected area can also do wonders for your recovery. For instance, this position lessens any pressure on the face. The angle helps reduce the blood flow to the area and stops any light bleeding.

3. Give Your Face Some Rest

Like other hospital treatments, you will need more rest a few hours after treatment. You might even find it difficult to show any facial expressions at first. The first 2 days are crucial for rest, so avoid putting pressure on the visible sutures while lying in bed or sitting down on the sofa.

Sleeping on your back helps take off the stress from the area. It also helps you regain your energy for work. In addition, this position can help the sutures pull loose skin and increase collagen production.

In addition, try to refrain from any significant physical exercise during the first week. The body may benefit from only light tasks since stress may irritate the sutured areas. The same goes for any mentally strenuous activity, such as excessive internet browsing. Try to reduce your screen time to avoid causing any more facial stress.

3 Things to Avoid Doing After a PDO Thread Lift

Besides the things you should do, it also helps to know which activities you should avoid. Certain activities increase the likelihood of irritation and infection, which can affect the progress of the thread lift. Keep a daily routine that promotes relaxation and healing. Messing around the sutures might cause more bruising and inflammation.

In addition, it helps to be realistic about the outcomes of the thread lift. It takes time for the effects to appear visibly. Make sure not to irritate the area by touching it out of frustration.

1. Sleeping on Your Side

Sleeping on the sides is one of the worst things you can do post-procedure. Besides being painful, this position can irritate the area. Swelling and bruising may also get worse within the first week. It may also interfere with the results of the procedure.

If you prefer sleeping on the sides, it helps to have a week of practice to get used to sleeping on your back. Try to sleep on your back for a week before the procedure. The amount of time should be enough to give you an adjustment period.

Should you still have trouble falling asleep on your back, look into getting a recliner to help you feel more relaxed on your back.

2. Wearing Makeup

While makeup can help touch your appearance, wearing them while recovering from a thread lift is not advisable. The skin is extra sensitive in the first few days after a procedure, and the chemicals in these products may interact with the sutures.

You should avoid irritating skincare products since they can cause more bruising and inflammation. The skin also needs room to breathe while recovering. Putting on any cosmetic products may prevent the affected areas from healing correctly. Plus, applying or removing makeup may place pressure on the skin.

3. Touching the Area

Touching the area may introduce pathogens into the sutures, causing irritation and even increasing the chance of infection. It’s best to refrain from unnecessary contact with the area during the first couple of days. While the fatigue may make it tempting to get facial massages or treatments, the pressure from these activities will only worsen the condition.

The chemicals used in massages may also lead to a burning sensation because of irritation. Wait for at least a week before engaging in these activities.

When Can I Resume Daily Activities?

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PDO thread lifts are minimally invasive, and the recovery time is relatively short compared to plastic surgery. After the first 7 days, most people can return to light physical activities. Vigorous exercise, including cycling and weightlifting, should be avoided until you fully recover.

Contact your specialist if you feel any irritation or other adverse reactions, even after two weeks. Your doctor may adjust the intervals between additional treatments. They will typically ask you for your medical history to ensure that you receive the appropriate treatment.

Dr. V Medical Aesthetics: Taking Care of Your Thread Lift Needs

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As people age, imperfections may become more visible. PDO thread lifts are one of the procedures you can avail of to help keep your skin young-looking and fresh. While recovering from a session, it’s best to follow the advice of your physician about the activities you can do. At Dr. V Medical Aesthetics, our team can work with you to ensure that you get the best thread lift results.

As a famous med spa in Pensacola, Dr. V Medical Aesthetics is a trusted provider of your cosmetic procedure needs. We have a capable team of specialists ready and willing to help you in your journey to better skin. Schedule an initial consultation with us today to arrange a treatment plan for your beauty goals.


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